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The vast majority of professional translators are highly skilled linguists with an intricate knowledge of two or more languages. Unlike machines, or software programmes, most professional translators have the advantage of being able feel for what is actually meant by a phrase rather than just the literal meaning which is found in a dictionary.

When you employ a translator is is usually best to choose someone who's native language is the target text. For example, if you are English and want a letter you have written translated into French it is usually best to choose a native French speaker to do the work. This does not mean that a native English speaker could not have done an equally good job. However, it is usually easier for a translator to translate into their mother tongue.

Another tip is that if you want to be extra sure that your document is translated correctly then you could should consider hiring two separate linguists, one to do the translation and a second to proofread the translated document.

Each linguist on this website offers both translation and proof reading services. The cost of hiring someone to proof read a document is usually much cheaper than the original translation. There is no guarantee that the proof reader will find anything wrong with the original document, it may already be perfect. However, if you really want peace of mind then it may be worth the extra investment to get your document proofread once it has been translated.

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