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  Guides - General Description
  Guides and tour guides are people who show visitors around places of interest. You can find guides for a variety of counties, working in numerous languages, on this website. If you want someone to interpret a conversation / business meeting then you should search for an interpreter as opposed to a guide.
  Guides Duties
  Before you book your guide you need to let him or her know exactly what is required. Do you need a guide to simply help get to and from the airport as well as a few selected locations, or do you want someone with greater knowledge of the tourist areas and the history of the area. Of course a tour guide can provide help getting you from the airport as well as informing you of places of interest etc, but it is up to you to let the guide know your intentions and itinerary.
  Guides on this website
  The guides and tour guides on this website come from all around the world and can speak many different languages. Many of them have specialist language qualifications and or experience. Many of them are also employed by translation agencies.
  Choosing Guides
  You can use the Find Fast option to find a guide on this website, or you can select a guide individually.
  Dealing Direct with Guides
  At Linguist Finder you can deal direct with Guides, rather than going through an agency. To all intents and purposes the end product should be the same, you are just cutting the middle man out. Nevertheless, as with an agency you should still agree terms with the Guide before you agree the job. Some of the most important things you should discuss are payment, method of payment, job requirements, and any dates & times for meetings.
  Guides - Follow up
  It is customary to pay the guides whilst they are with you, either at the end of each day or at the end of your stay.If you would like to give feedback about tour guides you book here you can do so online