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 7 Simple Steps to completing your job quickly and easily. And without great expense.
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 Step 1
You fill in our quick online request form. It is free to post jobs.
 Step 2
If you are an existing customer you login, or if you are a new Linguist Finder user you register your contact details so we know who to inform when linguists reply to your job.
 Step 3
We post your job to all linguists who match your requirements immediately
 Step 4
We contact you when the first quotation arrives
 Step 5
You login, and compare quotations for your job and choose the best linguist to do the job. You are at liberty to view full details of each linguist (qualifications, experience etc). You are also at liberty to compare the quotations with translation agencies. You should find you make great savings at Linguist Finder. This is in spite of the fact that our members are often the very same linguists who work for the all the translation agencies! The main difference is we do not charge a huge mark up on jobs as agencies do.
 Step 6
You are under no obligation to do so, but if you wish to make savings and hire one of our member linguists then the next step is to pay our small commission (the basic rate is just 5% which is much lower than a typical translation agency mark up of usually 100% to 300% so you should make significant savings). Once you pay securely by credit or debit card, an email is automatically sent to the linguist telling them that you have offered the job to them. Alternatively you can pay via other conventional methods such as bank transfer etc. (but these will take at least 2 days to process so credit card is quicker). As soon as the linguist accepts the job we instruct them to contact you ASAP, we also email you their contact details in case you prefer to contact them directly. Usually you should be in contact with each other within 24 hours of you accepting a quotation, if not much sooner. Please view our full money back guarantee. Please note that for tutor jobs our introductory fee is a one off payment of just £10(UK) or $20 (US). Again this is covered by our guarantee.
 Step 7
You then pass the job to the linguist and pay him or her directly when they have finished it (without any need to contact us again). You are free to use the linguist time and time again thereafter for repeat jobs without paying any more commission.
 After the job is complete

Customers often want to show their appreciation for the work shown by Linguist Finder members. You are not obliged to give any feedback. However, If you wish to do so, we have a recommend facility whereby you can login and log comments and feedback about the linguist who carried out your job. The linguist, ourselves, and other customers can then view any comments you choose to leave online.

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