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Language Translations

Translators are people who perform language translations. This means they translate languages in the written format, for example a language translator may translate a document from French into German. If you want someone to interpret a conversation then you should search for an interpreter as opposed to a translator.
Language Translations - Which Languages?
There are thousands of professional translators registered at Linguist Finder, so no matter what language translation you are looking for you should find someone suitable here. Languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, and many more. Please click here for a full list of language translations available
Translators on this website
The translators on this website come from all around the world and can translate many different languages. Many of them have specialist translation qualifications and or experience. Many of them are also employed by translation agencies.
Choosing Translators
Please click the link for tips on choosing a translator
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