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Language Translation  


Interpreters are people who translate languages in spoken format, for example an interperter may assist a French businessman during a meeting with German colleagues. If you want someone to translate a written document then you should search for an translator as opposed to an interpreter.
Interpreters on this website
The Interpreters on this website come from all around the world and can speak many different languages. Many of them have specialist qualifications and or experience. Many of them are also employed by translation agencies.
Dealing Direct with Interpreters
At Linguist Finder you can deal direct with Interpreters, rather than going through an agency. To all intents and purposes the end product should be the same, you are just cutting the middle man out. Nevertheless, as with an agency you should still agree terms with the interpreter before you agree the job. Some of the most important things you should discuss are payment, method of payment, job requirements, and any deadlines. You should not be deterred by dealing direct with a linguist. In many cases it is actually easier and quicker than by going through an agency (as well as being less expensive)
Follow up
Once your job is complete, interpreters expect to be paid within 30 days. If you would like to give feedback about Interpreters you book here you can do so online
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