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"Since the early days outsourcing was the center of great disputes and clashes over what was and what wasn't outsourcing, whether it was useful orjust way to risky to represent a reasonable solution, or whether it washarming western economies ( the main sources of outsourced projects).

Succes stories like British Petroleum Explorations' 1991 outsourcing move( in which they outsourced their financial management and reportingservices, and which shocked skeptics into believing such an arrangementwould never work) proved that it was indeed a solution to be reckoned within corporate management.After that first bold move by BP many other corporations have walked downthe road of outsourcing proving overand over the usefulness and serious nature of the solution.

Low level outsourcing ( when a company hands out work to certain individualscal led freelancers) is relatively new compared to corporate aspect of theprocess. By its nature it does present potential outsourcers and freelancerswith a series of difficulties, probably the most bothersome of which is theinsufficient communication between the two parties.It can be particularly annoying for a company not to be able to find theright personell to undertake its outsourced project.

It is even more cause for alarm when the selected personell turns out not to posess the requiredskills when it comes to completing the job. This can all lead to wastedfunds and time which in the business world can be just as precious.Would be freelancers can also findthemselves in the situation not to be able to find any fitting outsourcedproject to work on , or the worst case scenario: to embark on a project thatdoesn't fit their interests and abilities.

A free online freelancer community seems to be the answer to this problem.It could bring the freelancer and theoutsourcer together, clear differences and make things happen more smoothlyand efficiently.With the communications difficulties cleared, outsourcing in the private sector isfast becoming a phenomenon to be reckoned with, and all of this might justbe a prelude for bigger things to come"

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