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Language Translation  

Translation Agencies

Many translation agencies and translation companies out-source work to freelancers. If you use a translation agency then you the customer do not get to choose the linguist, or even get to know how much experience they have, how good they are, or even how much they really charge.
One advantage of using Linguist Finder is that you not only get a choice in who you choose, but you also deal directly with our member linguists. You pay their cost price just as the agencies do and make savings in both time and money. Significantly many translation agencies use Linguist Finder and use exactly the same Linguist Finder members as you will find here. The only difference is that if you use a translation agency you pay their very high markup fees.
Another important difference between translation agencies and Linguist Finder is that if you hire a translator through a translation agency and want to rehire that person then you will be charged agency fees each and every time. This is because agencies hide the identity of the translator so you are obliged to go through the translation agency again and again, paying the translation agency fee each time. At Linguist Finder we put you directly in touch with the translator, and are happy for you to make as many repeat bookings as you like without having to pay any extra repeat booking fees.
As you can see, although we use the same translators and interpreters as translation agencies there are some important differences, and many benefits to you the customer if you use Linguist Finder rather than a typical translation agency.
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