Quick steps to obtaining a quick no obligation quotation.

It is very quick and easy to obtain great quotations via Linguist Finder


Firstly click the “Free Quote” link on the top menu:




Make a choice from the next screen. E.g. Translators




On the next screen choose the ‘Post a Job’ link:


Choose your country



Enter details of the job using our easy to use forms:




Details of the job are then posted to all linguists who match your job requirements and whose rates fall within your budget.


Each time a linguist makes a quotation for your job you will receive an automated email.


You can then login and choose the best quote for you.


To help you, not only do you get to see the prices quoted by each linguist, but you can also view each linguist’s profile by simply clicking on the name link.



Once you are happy with your choice you can then accept the quotation and proceed to our payment page to pay our small commission. Even taking our commission into account you should still make big savings on typical agency prices.



Not only that, but we are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with any work carried out by your chosen linguist that we offer a full refund on our commission should you not be satisfied



Once you have paid our small fee we get in touch with the linguist and ask them to contact you to arrange the work. Once the work is complete you pay the linguist direct without any further need to contact us.


Most customers find that Linguist Finder is not only quick and easy to use, but they also find they make big savings on the prices agencies charge, for what is effectively the same end product.


We hope that you will join the long list of satisfied Linguist Finder customers, and invite you to give us feedback or comments about our service at any time