10 Reasons why customers use Linguist Finder again and again

 Reason 1 - Extensive Resources
We have thousands of professional linguists at Linguist Finder offering their services at cost price. Typical translation agencies do not have a fraction of these resources and certainly not at this price.
 Reason 2 - Exact Requirements Matching
Our advanced software has been specifically designed to find linguists who meet your exact requirements quickly and easily. We can not only find linguists who match your language and technical requirements, but can even add a price cap to ensure your quotation is within your budget.
 Reason 3 - Instant Quotations
Our own survey of 50 translation agencies showed that the average response rate in response to a quotation request is 56 hours. Moreover, many agencies do not even respond at all, which means you waste time and effort. At Linguist Finder you can get an instant quotation
 Reason 4 - Speedy Service
Because you deal directly with the linguist, and cut out the middle man, literally days or weeks can be saved on a typical job. When you post a job via Linguist Finder you could receive several quotations from professional linguists within minutes. Effectively you could hire someone who meets your exact requirements within a matter of minutes, even in the middle of the night.
 Reason 5 - Best Prices Available
Translation Agencies charge a huge markup on translations, interpreting, and tuition fees.

At Linguist Finder, however, the prices are much lower for effectively the same service / end product. Many of our members are the very same linguists which work for the agencies. The difference with Linguist Finder is that you get to deal directly with the linguists, paying their cost price. Typically customers can save between 30-80% off typical agency prices.
 Reason 6 - Worldwide Best Price Search
Our advanced search facility not only finds linguists within your budget in your own country, but can also find linguists all around the world who offer services which match your exact requirements. In today's high tech world of email, it is often just as easy to hire a foreign linguist as one from your own country. Many agencies do not have the resources to offer this facility. We can and do.
Reason 7 - More Choice
At Linguist Finder you get to choose which linguist you want to employ from all those who respond to your job posting. Normal translation agency practice is to hide the identity of the linguist. We have nothing to hide here. You are more than welcome to check out as many linguist profiles as you like before hiring anyone.
 Reason 8 - Quality Control
Many translation agencies do not offer you any guarantees about the qualifications or experience of the translators they use. This could be because they do not want you to know that a translator may be very inexperienced, or may not have any qualifications. At Linguist Finder you are more than welcome to ask linguists to supply proof of professional translation qualifications, if this is one of your requirements, before they commence work.
 Reason 9 - More Control
Because you deal directly with the linguists yourself, you have much more control over your job than you would if you handed it over to a translation agency. You know who is really doing the job and can view their personal profile. You also know how much they really charge, and not just how much an agency charges. Importantly you can also relay messages to the linguist directly, thus speeding up the job and cutting down on potential mistakes by third parties.
 Reason 10 - Customer Satisfaction
There are actually many more than 10 reasons why customers choose Linguist Finder and keep on choosing Linguist Finder. Please click here for just a sample of comments from satisfied clients. Our clients include individuals, companies of all sizes, translation agencies, and government bodies. In fact we have satisfied customers from all over the world.
Bonus Reason! - More language Combinations
If you require a language translation then you have much more language combinations to choose from at linguist finder than with a typical translation agency. Language translations available include french, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, chinese, romanian, norwegian, cantonese, afrikaans, russian, arabic, dutch, swedish, farsi and many more.
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