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ESL teachers,(English as a Second Language), and
EFL teachers,(English as a Foreign Language)and TEFL teachers (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) can be found for you on this website.

English as a second language (ESL), english as a foreign language (EFL), teaching english as a foreign language (TEFL) teachers and courses. Teachers can either teach on a face to face basis, or even onlne. They are from all countries and speak many native languages. Current languages offered via this website include; english (US or UK), french, german, italian, spanish greek, romanian, afrikaans, albanian, arabic, armenian, bahasa malaysia, bangala, basque, belorussian, bengali, bulgarian, catalan, chinese (including mandarin, cantonese, wu), croatian, czech, dari, danish, dutch, english, egyptian, estonian, farsi, finnish, flemmish, georgian, hebrew, hindi, hungarian, icelandic, igbo, indonesian, japanese, kabyle, kannadah, kazakh, korean, kurdish, latin, latvian, lithuanian, maltese, marathi, mongolian, norwegian, persian, polish, portuguese (european or latin american), punjabi, pushto, rajasthani, sanskrit, serbo-croat, serbian, sindhi, sinhalese, slovak, spanish (european or latin american), sranan, swahili, swedish, russian, tagalog, tamil, telugu, thai, turkish, ukranian, urdu, vietnamese, welsh, serbo-croat, and more. If you offer a language which isn't yet on our list please let us know and we will add it

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