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Feedback & Recommendations
Linguist Finder is dedicated to providing a quality service for customers, as well as helping to boost the bookings of competent linguists

To this aim our feedback facility is very important since it allows customers to post feedback about the linguists they employ. When customers view your details they will also be able to view any feedback posted by previous customers.

Essentially therefore, if you are a good linguist and do a good job then you should receive good feedback which in turn will help you boost your popularity and generate even more bookings. On the other hand if you do not offer such a good service then your feedback may be less complementary.

The feedback system favours the linguists who do the best jobs. We make no apologies for this. We would therefore advise any linguist using Linguist Finder to make the most of the feedback facility by doing a good job, which in turn should generate further work for themselves