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Customer Expectations
Linguist Finder is dedicated to providing a quality service for both customers and linguists alike. To this aim we expect our members to provide a good, reliable, professional service.

When Linguist Finder customers request your services they will be aware of the information you gave about yourself such as the languages you speak, the services you offer, your charges, and your skills and experience. They will also be aware that they are dealing directly with the linguist of their choosing and that they are not dealing with ourselves or an agency.

Customers will expect a good service on several fronts. Firstly they will expect you to deliver the service you offered, and within any timescales they agree with you beforehand. They will also expect you to do the job for the price you agreed and not add on any extra or hidden charges. They may also require an invoice from you when you charge them. This can be a handwritten note, or better still a typed or word processed document.

When you have completed the work customers can post feedback about you on this website. If the customer is happy then their positive feedback should help generate extra bookings for you. It is therefore in your best interests to to a good job and provide an excellent service

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