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  These are customer FAQ's. Linguists have their own set of FAQ's in the Linguist Area

Do you have a disclaimer?
Do we need to use contracts?
What is your policy on privacy?
How do I search for a linguist?
Can I employ a foreign linguist?
Who is responsible for the work?
Do I need to pay you any commission?
What is your address and contact details?
Do the skills and abilities of the linguists vary?
Do I need to pay anything for using this website?
Can I give you my feedback about Linguist Finder?
How quickly can I expect a reply once I make an Inquiry?
How do I inquire about requesting the services of a linguist?
Can I discuss any queries with the linguist before I employ them?
Do you take any action to try & maintain high linguistic standards?
Who is responsible for the accuracy of the details on this website?
How does your customer feedback and recommendations system work?

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