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French Language Course - in France


French Language Courses in France
We are proud to offer French language courses with a difference. We offer a friendly and personal service for those who would like plenty of personal attention when learning, alternatively if you prefer a typical classroom situation we can also arrange that. Consequently students should be able to not only improve their French, but have a good time into the bargain.


The courses take place in France, in the beautiful Savoie region of the French Alps. The area is the Bauges national park area which is set amongst spectacular lakes and mountains. You have a choice of accommodation including the possibility of staying in a lovely typical French Alps village with local amenities, and also attractions such as local leisure base with tennis, swimming, mini golf, and horse riding. The area is also very popular for fishing, walking, and cycling, as well as site seeing. It is one of the most popular regions in France for tourism.

Language course details
The courses are for beginners, intermediates, or advanced students and are either taught by a native French tutor / teacher or a native English speaker with a degree in French and plenty of teaching experience. The choice is yours. Please notice however that if you would prefer a native French course tutor then the price will be more than those quoted below. The courses can concentrate on conversation or written skills, or a combination, they can also include practical experience speaking to locals.

The French courses can be intensive or relaxed. We are flexible to allow students to explore the beautiful Alps should they desire. Indeed it will be possible to combine learning with a holiday, as you will be offered the opportunity to learn and converse outside, and around the region. The area is amongst the prettiest in the world so it would be a missed opportunity to stay indoors the whole time. The course can be based around your interests, so for example. If you like shopping you could have lessons on shopping vocabulary in the morning, then put it into practice in town with the tutor in the afternoon.

It would be a shame to go to France without sampling the wonderful French lifestyle. We can arrange excursions as well as concentrating on academic matters. The cost of the trips will depend upon where you want to go, and the time it takes.

We can also provide meals for you at reasonable rates. If you are staying with the host family then half board is included.

Courses are run weekly from Monday to Friday. However if you prefer to stay longer and enjoy the scenery and practice your French you are welcome to stay Saturday to Saturday. You are also welcome to book more than one week. We can pick you up from Geneva or Lyon airport. The cost of the course does not include air fare, but cheap airlines such as easyjet fly these routes and prices can be less than £80 return if booked early. You are welcome to hire a car. Alternatively we can pick you up and drop you back off at the airport for an extra £60 (max 2 people) or £100 (4-6 people).

Group Sizes
Depending on your requirements our partner school in Annecy can cater for most group sizes. If you prefer a smaller less formal (non-school based) course we are happy to reserve full weeks for individuals or small groups, to offer relaxed or intensive training depending upon your preference. We are very flexible so please contact us with your requirements.

Itinerary depends on your requirements. We have an arrangement with a local language school and you can follow their itinerary if this is your preference. Alternatively if you want to join one of our smaller, more personalised courses then these are very flexible.

Some of the lessons should take place indoors at the accommodation, but some of the lessons could also take place outdoors, weather permitting, to take advantage of the lovely scenery, and sights. Depending upon your preference you could practice your written or oral skills (or both). We are happy to speak to you as much as you like in French. As far as written tuition is concerned we limit this time to 4 hours per day maximum. However if you would like to do extra written work you are quite at liberty to do this, and we will check your completed work for you. If you want to make the most of the region and take a break from lessons then you are quite at liberty to do so. It is your course so you can go at your own pace, in your own time.

We are flexible about the times. The earliest we start is 9.30am, but if you are a late riser then we can start later. If you want to spend the day with the tutor to improve you French then this is fine. Unless you are on an excursion with the tutor there will be a 1-2 hour lunch break. You are welcome to join us for lunch (see extras above). Lessons normally finish no later than 4 pm. As mentioned however, we are very flexible, so if you want to return for dinner and speak some more French then you are welcome to do so. (see extras above). Weather permitting meals will be indoors or in the garden.

The price of the courses with the English native speaking tutor are:
1 Person: 495 per week
2 People: 275 per person per week
3 People: 250 per person per week
4 People: 175 per person per week
5 People: 150 per person per week
6 People: 125 per person per week

Prices for the French school and French native tutor are more. Prices depend upon your requirements.

Host Family
You can stay with the host family on a half board basis, in a 3 bedroom modern village house for the discounted price of 150 for one person, per week, or £200 for 2 people per week. There is one guest room in the house with a double bed. The bathroom is shared. Smoking is not permitted in the house. The bathroom is shared. Smoking is not permitted in the house.

Chalet Rental

Alternatively your party can rent a chalet. We can arrange a self-catering chalet in the village for you which sleeps 8 for just £475 per week per group.

Flat Rental

Alternatively your party can rent a flat . We can arrange a self-catering flat near Annecy for you which sleeps 4 for just 390 euros per week per group (max 4 sharing one double bed and 2 single bunks). You would need your own transport to get to classes if you choose this option.

You can stay in a hotel of your choice anywhere within 30 minutes drive of the course. If you choose to do this you must arrange this yourself. Hotel charges, on average in the region around Annecy are about 300 per week. Please note that we can pick you up if you stay at a hotel but there will be a daily charge for this depending upon distance. If you stay at a hotel it therefore may make sense for you to hire a car for the week. Costs are usually about£150 per week to hire a car.

Please contact us to book your place or to make further inquiries

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